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'The 8 Show' surges to global top 10 charts within just three days of release - Times of India

‘The 8 Show’ surges to global top 10 charts within just three days of release – Times of India

In just a blink of an eye, ‘The 8 Show‘ has stormed into the global spotlight, claiming the 7th position in the Netflix Global Top 10 TV series ranking within a mere three days of its release. The latest data reveals that the series has garnered an impressive 1.7 million views, becoming a frontrunner in the non-English language category. This achievement is not confined to a single territory but spans across 11 countries, encompassing Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam.
Adapted from the widely loved webtoon series by Bae Jin Soo, ‘Money Game’ and its sequel ‘Pie Game’, ‘The 8 Show’ revolves around the intense narrative of a high-stakes competition. Eight individuals find themselves thrust into dire circumstances, isolated from society, and thrown into a game where the stakes couldn’t be higher. Their objective: accumulate and safeguard wealth until the game’s conclusion, which only arrives with a tragic twist – when a participant meets their demise.
Directed by the filmmaker Han Jae Rim, known for his masterful works such as ‘The Face Reader’, ‘The King’, and ‘Emergency Declaration’, the series boasts a stellar ensemble cast including Ryu Joon Yeol, Chun Woo Hee, Park Jung Min, Moon Jung Hee, Park Hae Joon, Bae Sung Woo, Lee Joo Young, and Lee Yeol Eum.
While ‘The 8 Show’ has garnered much praise for its evocative direction and performances, it has also sparked debate surrounding its portrayal of sensationalism and violence. Despite initial modest results during its debut week, the series has quickly gained momentum, ranking 4th with 501 points according to Flix Patrol, an online content service ranking site. Noteworthy is its dominant performance in key markets like Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

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