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BTS members apply for vacation to welcome Jin back from military service together | K-pop Movie News - Times of India

BTS members apply for vacation to welcome Jin back from military service together | K-pop Movie News – Times of India

A groundswell of discontent has erupted within the K-pop community, with over 49,000 individuals, predominantly believed to be fervent supporters of BTS, uniting to demand the departure of Ador CEO Min Hee-jin from HYBE, the parent company of Ador and the septet’s agency, BigHit Music.

The petition, titled ‘MIN HEE JIN Leave HYBE Company’, emerged on the U.S.-based platform change.org on May 27, spearheaded by an online user known as ‘ARMY Forever’, a moniker that nods to BTS’ global fanbase.The movement gained momentum swiftly, drawing attention to simmering tensions within the entertainment industry.
At the core of the petition lies a controversial issue involving Min Hee-jin, the producer behind the girl group NewJeans. HYBE’s decision to file a police report against Min on April 25, alleging breach of trust and an attempted usurpation of control over Ador, ignited a contentious back-and-forth between the parties involved. Despite Min’s staunch denial of the accusations, the ensuing feud between her and HYBE escalated rapidly, with accusations of plagiarism, embezzlement, and manipulation of media narratives swirling amidst the fray.

The ongoing exchange of accusations had detrimental effects on various artists under HYBE’s umbrella, including BTS, who found themselves embroiled in speculation regarding chart manipulation. In response, ‘ARMY Forever’ mobilized supporters, rallying behind the petition as a means of sending a clear message to HYBE: it’s time to take decisive action.

In a message accompanying the petition, concerns are raised about about Min Hee-jin’s alleged actions, stating, “Min Hee-jin is suspected to be paying media/reporters and working with Maccoll Consulting as reported, to spread misinformation about HYBE and rival HYBE groups with BTS, ILLIT and Le Sserafim pulling the front, to make her group’s (NewJeans) contract dissolve with pressuring HYBE through value decrease”, as reported by Korea Times.
Furthermore, the message highlights the repercussions of such actions, asserting, “This behavior is not only unprofessional but also harmful, creating unrecoverable damage by creating a hostile environment for those targeted under the same roof … I urge you to investigate these claims thoroughly and take appropriate action to prevent further harassment and spread of misinformation”.
Meanwhile, BTS’ loyal fanbase has a history of rallying together to defend their idols. In May, supporters took a proactive stance by placing a full-paid advertisement in local newspapers. The ad called on HYBE Chairman Bang Si-hyuk and CEO Park Ji-won to refrain from using BTS as a shield to protect the company amidst the ongoing dispute with Ador. Additionally, fans urged HYBE to pursue legal action against individuals making unwarranted attacks on BTS.

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