Astro-D is a pioneer of local electronic music scene and an oldschool raver,started djing in Athens at early 90's, with techno, and break tunes, in several famous clubs of the scene, like Lobby, Free Your Bass, Mad, Sofita, Goa, Monopolio, Rex, Taiga, Vavel, Mercedes, Privilege and many others. He was also djing on several radio stations like Spice FM, Kanali 1, Sky Fm, and Storm Radio .++, mixing old school techno tunes (R&S, Rising High, React, Tresor, ZYX) and breaks (XL recordings, Suburban Base Records, White House, Kickin records, Boogie Beat, Boogie Time).In the mid 90's he created Overtune mobile party team, making many mobile parties with lot of guests dj's and live P.a's. Nowdays found him continuing his djing, playing many styles, from old school Goa, psytrance, psy-prog etc.AT 2012 he performed at aurora festival ,i Love you fest,and underground noise+space alchemy lab partys 2013 he perform at Dance xperience festival and 41mountain gathering he is also an active dj of Space Alchemy Lab,and Kupuri music mexico!Astro-d sets are characterized by a unique psy style with some old school goa influences groovy bass lines and tripy psy rifs .At March 2013 he released hes first ep Separate Reality from Ovnimoon Records which reach no 18 at beatport psy charts top August same year he released hIs second ep Forestphonic at Ovnimoon Records Followed another 2 eps at DIGITAL DRUGS Records and Goa records.with several chart topping releases for labels such as Ovnimoon Records, Goa records,Pharmacy Records.Nowdays found him ready to release hes first album ASTRO NAVIGATION included some remixes to Etnica,Manmademan,Braincell,Ubar Tmar,Endeavour ,Elegy

  • Lives in Athens, Central Athens, Greece
  • From ATHENS
  • Male
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