ARY DO Ó natural love for music begins at the age of 10 years old , and decided learning to play different musical instruments such as piano, organ, guitar, among others. Passionate about electronic music since his teens , attended and lclosely followed the boom of electronic music in Portugal at the 90s , avid fan of most of the events held in Portugal , and a personal friend of most of the dj's of that time , whose contributions were essential to the movement grow in the way that grew . Closely followed the growth of the dance scene in Algarve, thereafter is interested in the DJing art. During the year 2011 creates the "Hardproductions project (Dj's agency and event organization) , and solve to present an alternative , in terms of parties and sonorities , to that existing in the Algarve’s night, staying truth to his underground taste in music. Next years plays with several of the big names in electronic music of Portugal such as Carlos Manaça, Jiggy, Mario Roque, Xl Garcia, A. Paul, Ferro... among others, and with some international dj's too such as Trevor Rockliffe, Jesus Del Campo, Urig & Dice, Israel Toledo, Forest People, Gabriel Del Mar... and had played in countries like Spain, Germany, UK and Brasil. Always with his characteristic style heavily influenced by Techno and Minimal, continues to develop and is constantly evolving. His music combines a deep-rooted foundation of Techno underlined by stirring basslines and grooves full of energy and power. He loves to entertain people at dance floors , while having fun too, doing what he likes most : DJying

  • Lives in Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • From Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Male
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