DJ Crave O (Real Name Sir James Craven) Born on the 4th day of Sept: 1967 within the Rep of Ireland His Family Originated from Liverpool UK and are associated with the British Crown.



James were tightly connected with music. he started to play the piano at 4 Years Old up to 1979 he learned to Play other Musical Instrument's Became a Producer · Musician · DJ in 1979 Big Into Electronic Dance Music Likes Techno, [Melbourne Bounce Bootleg Music] (Hip Hop-Trap) Bass, dubstep, edm, house, Progressive Music & Rock Classics James also was Involved in Modern Dance & Productions he also was involved in developing and Selling DJ Disco Sound & Lighting Equipment involved in Bands as a Musician & Singer such as Dorian Green & Durex Durex 


James Wife Ann is From Melbourne AU she also was a DJ called DJ Hehir they have two Children James from a Previous Relationship Marta his daughter known to the World as DJ Juicy M their Son Alex wants to be a Professional Singer you can fined James here 








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  • Lives in Cavan, Ireland
  • From Dublin, Ireland
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