DJ Khalifa has always had a real passion for music. A born
experimenter, in a habit to string together meaningful pieces of self
expression. He has always been inclined towards the changes that the
ebb and flow of music cause in people and because of that he aims to
feel joyous vicariously through his audience. Even though he has
embarked on his musical journey few years back it’s almost as if music
was hidden beneath his soul punching his insides to break free and
show the world his true potential. He joined a reputed company as
team lead but fortuitously, the rat race couldn’t amuse him and then he
decided to quit the rat race and plough out a tailor-made path for Himself.

As music was something that was omnipresent for Khalifa, he decided
to harness this trait and joined Endemic Music Academy and getting
equipped with the tools that he needs to achieve the goals he has set
himself. Being professionally trained, he has become potent enough to
engross his soul into the music he makes. He holds degree in DJ and
Music Production. He utilize his fertile mind in amalgamating the
various genres that he is keenly into (Electro House, Electronica,
Techno, Trance, EDM House Progressive,Bollywood,Punjabi,HipHop,)

  • Lives in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
  • From Jaipur
  • Male
  • 08/07/1994
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