Born in Rome (Italy) but of Sardinian nationality, with his sensual and gritty voice he creates an extraordinary experience fusing the Sardinian language, Italian, folk music, pop and country. Francis-Q is a singer-songwriter who gathers small moments in the history of his island and daily events, making them live through his songs.
Acute and narrative texts lead the audience on a musical journey through a unique world that goes from ancestral times to the present day.
The emotions, the charisma and the talent of Francis-Q have made him one of the most appreciated artists in the music scene. So in 2017 he decides to record his first album "Pintadera" produced and arranged by Primiano Di Biase.


Inscriviti al mio canale youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/FrancisqGarau


  • Lives in Rome, RM, Italia
  • From Rome, RM, Italia
  • Male
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