Ukrainian band that combines ethnic and folk variations and original compositions with downtempo, electronic, trance, noise, and ambient sound. 
The band was formed in 2013 by a theater and movie actress Iryna Lazer (lead-singer, composer, performer) and Oleksiy Mikriukov (composer). In 2015 Taras Lazer (composer, music supervisor) joined the band. 
The group is known for the lead-singer's rich soprano vocals which she mixes into a polyphonic sound using complex combinations of the live looping technique.
The majority of the songs is written and performed in the Ukrainian language. The band, though, is also actively working on the songs written in an invented 'mermaid' glossolalia.
Originally the band was called Crossworlds and was rebranded and named after Ukrainian mythological female figure Mavka in 2015.

  • Lives in Kyiv city, Ukraine
  • From Kyiv city, Ukraine
  • Female
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