Michael Dietze aka Ditte - DJ since 1991 // Events since 1993 Michael Dietze, also known under the name "Ditte", has been working on record boards since 1991. More than 50 own parties followed in the EASTSIDE, PROTEX-ZERO and his club Molen-Dyk. Also played in the locations AGRA, Hellraiser Leipzig, Spinnerei Leipzig, YARD CLUB, 10 KW and various other places. He played with the following DJ's: Tony Rohr & Dietrich Schönemann (USA), Takaaki Itoh (Mayday, Japan), Dj Animal (Brazil), Alex Bau, Mate Galic, Wool XDP, Roland Casper, Johannes Heil, Ziel 100 and many more. In 2003, he won the MDR Sputnik Turntable Days Battle with DJ I.Cis. Of 49 DJs occupied they both deserve the 1st place with the mix on 4 Turntables. This was followed by radio broadcasts and small television programs on the TV Show ͞Leipzig TV ͟From 2010 he took a time out. Since the beginning of 2016 he is back with his music sets in the grooving style. PLAYED WITH: Mate Galic, Wolle XDP, Dr. Motte, DJ Tanith, Monika Kruse, Rob Acid, Roland Casper, Frank Lorber, Tony Rohr, Bine, Pierre, Neil Landstrumm, Jacek Sinkiewicz, Takaaki Itoh, Dj Murphy, Alex Bau, Johannes Heil, Richard Bartz, Michel Palazzo, Claus Bachor, Mijk van Dijk, Matthias Schaffhäuser, Dietrich Schönemann, Ziel 100, DJ Animal, Wighnomy Brothers, Christian Fischer...

  • Lives in Leipzig, Germany
  • From Leipzig, Germany
  • Male
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