Mr. Nobody - DJ / Music Producer who put getting stronger steps Trance genre, but his musical style reaching much further. His first steps with this species began in 2010. unconsciously listening a broadcast to A State Of Trance # 557 ukazanego him by a fellow. The first sounds, transitions, melodies and vocals which has decided begin musical adventure. Initially Mr. Nobody had produced only for himself, despite the passage of time, however, dared to take the next step by making available creation. His biggest musical debut turned out to be a piece of 'Atlantis', who occupied the high positions in the competition Spinnin Records (3rd place) However, these feat wasn't satisfy him further actions. For over a year, has created more than 60 sets (Impossible can be possible cycle), 2 Mashups, and 7 tracks which have not been in spite of nowhere issued glad to full of popularity. In His broadcasts have already played with several guests from all over the world (Dj Geri, Memory Splice, Stoneface & Terminal - Event Radio Inner State of Trance) and is currently preparing for collaboration with Manuel Le Saux. Mr. Nobody collaborated with the portal, social radio Inner State Of Trance by playing with them regularly weekly of broadcasts and collaborated as an redactor. Currently works with portal, where not just a game for people. He is a member of actions pelnoaktywnym portal. Music information and private about artist can be found at:

  • Lives in Lohr a. Main, Germany
  • From Lohr a. Main, Germany
  • Male
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