We are young music band having written our own songs in pop, and pop-rock, indie-rock genre. Our group has been formed in 2017 aiming to promote its music through creating original and soul feeding melodies that express all kinds of emotions. We want to make our music close to each person and spread a word with our music on situations that each person can feel daily. Trying to make our music understandable and touchy, we want you to express what you feel inside through our song.

Our band consist of 6 members:

  1. Solist - Tigran
  2. Bass Guitar - Rom
  3. Rhythm Guitar - Daniel
  4. Solo Guitar - Tig
  5. Keyboard - Av
  6. Drams - Levis


  • Lives in New York, NY, USA
  • From New York, NY, USA
  • Male
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