His songs softly whispers that he doesn’t make music to sell! He rather makes it to ring your heart’s bell. When it’s about music, Ssameer follows his own unique pace, and when it’s about his fans, Ssameer knows exactly how to hit the right chords! Ssameer’s musical journey began at the age of 16. Popularly called the ‘artist with a difference’, the multi-talented singer, songwriter, composer, live performer and multi-instrumentalist. He is also known for his more than 24 Carat voice at such a young age, was flabbergasted to see the pouring response and love of his fans, and was reminded of his song, Soniye! Having collaborated with industry pioneers, such as, Daler Mehendi, Neeraj Shridhar, Suraj Jagan etc., Ssameer paved the path to Bollywood by doing music for a film ‘Sarhad Paar’, ‘Life ki toh Lag Gayi’ etc. Needless to mention that his songs continue to win the hearts of many from across the world.

  • Lives in Delhi, India
  • Male
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