Born April 6, 1985 in Southeast Michigan, began working with music when he was 13. Began writing when he was 15 and recording when he was 17. Since starting to record he has explored many genres of hip-hop and made several studio albums. He has the ability to bounce between genres within a single song or within several songs on an album. Currently his discography consists of "Chapter 1: The Birth" (2004), "Chapter 2: The Struggle Within" (2005), "Chapter 3: The Flames Burn" (2008), "As it Was Written EP" (2006), "Evolution of Flow" (2010), and "Monster" (2013). He is currently working on his next studio album due for release in late 2014. ___________________ Rapper/Producer and Michigan Native |||||||||||||||| Booking agent TJ: (517) 902-5671

  • Lives in Tecumseh, MI, United States
  • From Tecumseh, MI, United States
  • Male
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