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Alexandra Chudakova shares her tips on how to be healthy inside and out

Many bloggers and influencers promote a healthy lifestyle and share their external and internal care knowledge, but only a few stand out. One of them is Alexandra Chudakova. She created her online magazine, and the audience follows her pieces of advice because she gives an in-depth analysis of the product and explains how certain practices and everyday rituals impact our bodies. 

Alexandra Chudakova maintains a healthy lifestyle for herself and the people around her. That starts with a healthy diet. She pays specific attention to what products her family buys and how they are cooked. A healthy lifestyle includes walking outside and breathing fresh air, as there is no doubt nature is our best friend. When the pandemic of Covid 19 hit the entire world, we started appreciating nature even more. However, we were forced to stay inside and limit our physical mobility. Many people started working out at home and still maintain that habit. Alexandra Chudakova also developed her workout routine at home, breathing exercises, yoga practice, mediation and now shares it with her readers. 

Alexandra Chudakova shares her tips on how to be healthy inside and out

To maintain her physical beauty, Alexandra makes natural treatments at home and goes to beauty salons for spa treatments – after all, not everything can be done at home. Various treatments can be done in clinic and spa salons, but not all of them are necessary for your body. Alexandra learns about new methods of taking care of her external appearance. She tries some of them and the ones that are not necessary for her body but are trendy; she discusses with the professionals to obtain different opinions and writes about them in her online magazine. Alexandra has recently discovered the benefits of mineral waters, as good water for our body is one of the most critical components of health. 

Alexandra Chudakova, in her online magazine, shares all of it, mental health, physical exercises, homemade treatments, salon treatments, cosmetics, hair, skin, and body care. She explains why a particular product is good or why it is better not to buy it. Indeed, behind all these complex words in the composition on the label, detailed information is hidden. Only knowing chemistry can one decompose it into elements and understand what’s what. That is why her degree in Chemistry from Moscow State University became handy. Many years of experience in the beauty industry working for leading luxury brands adds value to her statements. 

She also explains select vitamins and nutritional supplements that cleanse our bodies, make them healthy and give us the necessary internal energy. Alexandra Chudakova gives her audience an honest review of different products. It is essential to prevent certain diseases instead of treating them with medicine. 

Alexandra Chudakova likes researching new products and sharing her knowledge with the audience, as she is helping women grow healthier inside and outside, which means more confidence. Women empowerment is one of the essential factors for Alexandra, and it is fantastic to see that she has many like-minded people among her reading audience. 

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