HRID MAJHAREY FULL SONG JA UREY – Kaushiki Chakraborty composed by Mayookh Bhaumik




This is a song I wrote for the film 'Hrid Majharey' by Ranjan Ghosh. Kaushiki Chakraborty sang it and this was our first collaboration which will always remain special to me. What makes it even more special is that Raima Sen performed the song on screen, and that's another first, Raima and I had never work on the same project before either. The icing on the cake is the incredibly poetic lyrics by Kaushik Ganguly. Here's the full high quality audio for the song and you can download it for FREE from this page. This song was recorded by Adeep Manki Singh at DDI Ballygunge and mixed by Amit Kumar Dutta at DDI Keyatala. I composed and produced it. Hope you guys like it.

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