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Mary Fahl is an expressive, emotional singer/songwriter who first achieved fame as lead singer and co-founder of the mid-1990s cult band October Project, an East Coast folk-rock/adult alternative outfit that recorded two poetic albums for Epic: its self-titled debut album of 1993; and its 1995 encore effort, “Falling Farther In“, selling over 300,000 abums. Following her days with October Project, Fahl embarked upon a solo career and was finally able to blossom as a songwriter. In 2001, she released an EP, Lenses of Contact (Roughmix Records) and in 2003, she released her acclaimed Sony Classical album “The Other Side of Time”. One of the songs (“Going Home”) from this album was featured as the lead song for the Civil War Epic “Gods and Generals”. The Boston Herald raved “The Other Side of Time is a brilliantly conceived album of broad proportions…” and that “Mary Fahl has created a lush, orchestral, cinematic debut.” The one constant in Mary’s varied career is a deeply passionate, soul-searching voice that cannot be doubted. It is a signature voice – calls her a “completely unique artist of her era” – and it was transcendently heard on her stunning interpretation of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” which she recorded for V2 Records just prior to its demise. Along with producers Mark Doyle and David Werner, Mary took this iconic record that was in Billboard’s Top 200 for 14 years and gave it her indelible stamp. Their accomplishment should appeal to even the most hardened Floyd fan. Now Mary has teamed up with producer John Lissauer, producer of Leonard Cohen's classic recording of "Hallelujah" for her fifth full-length album, "Love and Gravity". Mary defies stereotypes and that may be her greatest strength. To quote Variety: “She could have stepped out of a Pre-Raphaelite painting ….. Her voice is similarly classic – a powerful, beautifully proportioned contralto that retains its round, effortless tones throughout her range…..she’s earthier than Enya, more nuanced than Celine Dion and avoids the bloodless goth of Lisa Gerrard”. With a myriad of powerful new songs that she’s written over the past few months, coupled with a mix of songs from her recorded albums, Fahl is back on tour, continuing to take audiences on a journey of emotional discovery and “transport listeners to other realms” (Boston Globe).

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