Dutch DJ/Early Hardcore producer. Casketkrusher started producing Goa Trance in 2008, he soon discovered the Hardcore scene where he was mainly interested in Early Hardcore. He then started with the production of this style. He started as a DJ in 2012 and has been on several small rave parties. At the end of 2013 he started his label Total Destruction Records especially for his own productions, before that he produced too many tracks and didn't know what to do with them and thus his label was born, every month he releases a new release under different pseudonyms with each his own style and tries to keep the oldskool sound alive. bookings @ djcasketkrusher@hotmail.com Total Destruction Records totaldestructionrec.bandcamp.com/ https://www.mixcloud.com/DJCasketkrusher/ http://gabber.fm

  • Lives in Hulst, Netherlands
  • From Hulst, Netherlands
  • Male
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