Reggae Lifestyle Riddim Collection New Album

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Starting At:

Thursday May 03 01:00 AM 2018

Ending At:

Thursday May 03 11:00 PM 2018


pin Louis Capet XXVI Music Publishing + Laser Shows 2038 Grant Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19115


"Reggae Lifestyle Riddim Collection" features the best new riddims of 2018 from Kingston, Jamaica. The best Reggae riddim & all new top reggae songs, soca (socca), dub, Island music, Beach music, World music, Caribbean music, being played on Kingston Rastafari Radio Jamaica! Pre-Order Rasta AVAILABLE SOON! ...brought to you by Rippas Productions from Kingston, Jamaica in Association with Louis Capet XXVI Music Publishing. In stores May 3, 2018. ? Follow Rippas Productions: - Soundcloud - - FaceBook - - Youtube - - Web - LaserLightShow.ORG/rippas ? FOLLOW Louis Capet XXVI MUSIC PUBLISHING: - Website - www.LaserLightShow.ORG - Amazon - - Beatport - - Clone D\G\T\L - - Digital Tunes - - DJ Tunes - - FaceBook - - Google+ - - Instagram - - Juno - - Mixcloud - - Mixcloud - - PYRO (China) - - SoundCloud – - SoundCloud – - Spotify - - Tumblr – - Tradiio - - Traxsource - - Twitter - - YouTube - - VK - ? MUSIC GENERAS - CLASSICAL MUSIC - LaserLightShow.ORG/Classical-Music - DRUM & BASS - LaserLightShow.ORG/Drum-and-Bass - DUBSTEP - LaserLightShow.ORG/dubstep - EDM - LaserLightShow.ORG/EDM-Electronic-Dance-Music - HOUSE - LaserLightShow.ORG/House-Music - PSY-TRANCE - LaserLightShow.ORG/Psy-Trance - ROCK & ROLL - LaserLightShow.ORG/Rock-and-Roll www.LaserLightShow.ORG - We feature music from DJ P.A.W.N., Think Pink Floyd, Eve Michelson, Epic Micky UK, MC Foxy, Audiotrackerz, DJ ToTo, Alan Moll, Dstar Down Jones, Matt Falcone, Rezenber, Kreefer, Vibe-X Golan, Lily Zobel, Micky Zobel, Billy Martin, Johann Sebastian Bach, Scheherazade, Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov, DJ Dann D, Dreamlab Victor Andrews, ParaNormal SpacEE, TwinDrops, Rippas Productions, Janze, Blue Flow, and many more on our past artist Roster like MC Skibadee (BBC RADIO 1Xtra award for best MC, best MC southwest Drum n Bass award, best Lyrical MC and best Hype MC in the national Drum and bass awards, as well as the Stevie Hyper D Lifetime Achievement Award) and also MC TC Izlam (Zulu Nation Minster of Information Grandmaster) and our past clothing line distribution at events of Jungle Sky Designs of NYC owned by DJ Soul Slinger. With over 25 years in the music business, basically creating the EDM Electronic Dance Music industry inside the USA, which it is now valued at $7.4 Billion Dollars a year today (Billboard Magazine). We have built up one of the largest publishing & distributing partners in the music industry including outlets such as music stores, radio, TV, Jukeboxes, & audio fingerprinting. Our award winning portfolio of music can be found in stores like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, iHeart Radio, beatport, Tidal and over 300+ more stores. Music Child-friendly Reggae +2

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