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Orisha Campout

Orisha Campout

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Starting At:

Friday Aug 10 12:00 AM 2018

Ending At:

Wednesday Aug 22 11:30 PM 2018


The Lake Pavilion 460 Aerodrome Way, Griffin, Georgia 30224


Orisha Campout is a 3-day Spiritual Awakening where creative communities can grow together in celebration. With three stages, no overlapping sets, insane talent, a massive lake, and a unique and beautiful location, Orisha Campouts vision is to create a place for individual and collective expression and expansion free from existing ideologies and expectations. Orisha Campout is a place for us to share time with each other, and to continue to support each others creative energies. Orisha Campout is a place where we all can sleep in a tent under the stars or in a hammock up in the trees. Whichever method, you'll be surrounded by an enthusiastic community of campers. The grounds will have decorated walkways, glowing trees, nightly bonfires & more. GENERAL OVERVIEW • dozens of patron-created theme camps • group movie nights • hundreds of events at theme camps • three stages of music (Fire, Air, Water) • illuminated hammock haven • silent disco afterhours • nightly drum circle & invitation for all acoustic instruments • free, clean running water, showers, and flushing toilets • cellphone charging stations • daily swimming hole party w/ inflatables (Fri, Sat,Sun) • daily in-camp yoga & meditation • daily workshop & seminar schedule featuring topics on dance, poi, fire arts, crafting, sex, spirituality, politics, and more • car camping not available You can find us on a beautiful lake in the rolling hills of Griffin, Georgia: • 1 hrs from Atlanta • 2.5 hrs from Athens • 3 hrs from Savannah • 3 hours from Chattanooga • 4 hrs from Charlotte. • 11.5 hours from Chicago Embrace the culture of eco-responsibility, of giving & sharing, and respect for oneself & others. We are blossoming into something special that cannot be explained - come and feel the magical energy that fills the air. GATE ARRIVAL SCHEDULE Friday August 10th Gate Opens at 12 PM Saturday August 11th Gate Opens at 10 AM Sunday August 12th Gate Opens at 10 AM TICKETS Save money on tickets by purchasing online. Gate fees will be higher than the online price. Please note this Event is strictly 18+. Green bar coded IDs or drivers licenses will be required. Unfortunately certified ID copies will not be acceptable due to high incidents of fraud. PRICING (additional online fees vary) CASH SALES ONLY AT THE GATE (Special SHRS Token AIRDROP w/ SELECT PURCHASES) Redeemable for SPECIAL OFFERS, GIFTS, and more! • $30 Early Bird GA Pass (50 SHR Tokens) • $30 Single Day GA Pass • $150 Early Bird VIP Pass (100 SHR Tokens) • $100 Single Day VIP Pass (50 SHR Tokens) • $15 Camping Pass • $20 Parking Pass Package includes - Early Entry to event (For first pick on camping spots and parking) - Orisha T-shirt - Orisha RFID Wristband - Orisha Poster - VIP Camping Area (Away from it all!) • VIP Stage Seating CAMPING Bring a tent & pack several layers! Don't forget to bring a pop-up canopy & tarp and use a proper sleeping bag to contain body heat at night. PARKING This is a mandatory fee collected by the venue to manage upkeep of the lot as well as staffing, security, light towers, etc. CAR POOL Please support the car pool initiative and travel with 3 or more people per vehicle. In addition to being a more fun adventure this hugely reduces the carbon footprint of the festival. With the average 100 km car journey leading to over 10 kg of CO2 being produced, car pooling has a huge impact. Please do your part to reduce air pollution, congestion and fossil fuel use. In addition you split the fuel costs saving money on fuel as well as on car maintenance. EVENT RULES • Leave No Trace. You are responsible for your trash! • Do not litter cigarette butts. Put them in a container as you smoke them. Or better yet...vape. • Absolutely NO GLASS. Anything in a glass bottle will be confiscated & there is no return guarantee. You can put alcohol in plastic bottles. • Absolutely NO DRUGS. • No megaphones (these will be destroyed) • You agree to a full car search upon entry at the gate. • No knives, guns, axes, or anything that can be used as a weapon • Bring your own food & beverages! Just no glass & don't leave trash! • Sunday is camp cleaning day. Join us by stopping by the information booth to get a trash bag and help us restore the land to it's original state. • Must be 18+ and MUST HAVE VALID ID. State issued driers license or passport only. No exceptions. • There is no "car camping." If you wish to sleep in your car then that's fine but no tents can be setup in the lot. If you wish to be near your car there is a camping field next to the parking field. Note that this is a 10 minute walk to the main stages. • No commercial or professional photography or cameras allowed (except cell phones) • No smoking/No drugs • While you are here to have fun at the Orisha Campout, you are in a neighborhood; be respectful, be civil, be polite, do not litter, and please arrive and depart quietly! ARTIST LOOKING TO PERFORM (Redeem 20% of INDYTicket Sales) Want to PERFORM fill out application below: ---> VENDORS VENDORS VENDORS • Craft/ Merch Vendors - $150 10x10 space, $200 20x20 • Food Vendors - $200 Want to VEND fill out application below: ---> VOLUNTEERING • Two 6-hour shifts or one 12-hour shift. • Pre/Post fest shifts are 12 hours. Want to VOLUNTEER inbox us!

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