Music Video shoot with Kieb ft Skitzo Djclay -problems

Music Video shoot with Kieb ft Skitzo Djclay -problems

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Starting At:

Saturday Jul 14 10:00 PM 2018

Ending At:

Sunday Jul 15 07:00 AM 2018


Jackson, Michigan


#jackson #michigan .. we will be doing a free show the day of this event. If you are a rapper and would like to perform at our event contact Michael Patrick Robert Kiebler or KIEB .. we will have 10 performers you each get one song and if you perform you pay 10 dollars for your spot ,... whoever wins and has the best song gets a guest spot of the upcoming Kieb and Tommy Gunnz #dnonaa album vol. 1 album and wins 50 dollars.. lets see who actually has the crowd screaming and rocking with you ??? I hear alot of rappers say they hot.. well show ME m f.. All performers are allowed bring your heat and sign up is at about 6pm . Filming #muggziemugg Jason Mugg R232 and the film crew many special guests will be invited.. Guest list Jon Roehl Ashlee Rogers Jaclyn Ketner Jason Mugg Justin Skwynts Louth Samuel Gonyon Kenzo Pomeroy Mike Dozja Larry Allred Emilio Nyce Bobby Knuxx Michael Velasquez Michael Patrick Robert Kiebler #skitzo Abel Kaos Cooper Alexia Partlow Blaine Burnett Victoria Canter Nikki Cheney Paydro Starr Eboni Carson Patrick Friese Germaine Redding Jason Mugg Steve Gossett Adam Waldofsky Trent L Solomon Wayne Richard Hager III Pamela Kay Horton Nita Lentz Jordan Pierce Helderman Joe Perez III Garold Inman Myke Lyppa Morgan Angela Jeffery J Naegele Amanda Marie O'Kert Jesse Tanner Eli Israel Brandyn Armstrong Paige Carson Emily McCann contact Michael Patrick Robert Kiebler to be put on the guestlist. Its free. #video will be broadcasted to #worldstarhiphop

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