Meninos da Linha no Taj

Meninos da Linha no Taj

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Starting At:

Friday Oct 19 12:00 AM 2018

Ending At:

Friday Oct 19 06:00 AM 2018


TAJ CLUB Cascais Travessa da Alfarrobeira 9, 2750 Cascais


To the fall return of the leaves that announce the autumn already. The temperatures are low, but with the sun still shining, we return with pomp and circumstance to that house where we always spend unique moments. Because we do not get tired of the music and everything it encompasses, our choice was limited only by the desire we have to dance. We will live the moment with the emotion and energy that we are already characteristic moving to the sound of music. Vanessa Kokeshi - Flow Records Hert Dj Gandhi Conditions of access: Until 01:30 5 € with 1 drink From 01:30 h € 10,00 with a drink To have the name in the Guestlist you must send the name by private message to our Boys of the Line page.

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