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Starting At:

Sunday Oct 21 11:00 AM 2018

Ending At:

Sunday Oct 21 12:00 PM 2018



Energy, laughter, smiles and magic for the whole family. Finally, a complex magic show for all ages, at Grand Cinema and More, with Magician Robert Tudor. "The Magic Family Show is a unique magic show that includes amazing numbers for the whole family. This show is 100% interactive and you will surely want to see it again, as every time it is different, we improvise and change the elements of magic, suspense and joy from show to show." If at magic shows for children, with Magician Robert Tudor, you enjoy seeing your happy child, you will now laugh and you will also participate as an adult. Do not miss this show because they will not miss out on the rabbit and pigeon, predictions, object levitations and people's disappearance. We all need a bit of magic in our lives, we need to believe that we can fulfill any dream impossible through love, play and joy. This show, dedicated to the whole family, will remind you that the most precious moments in your life are those with your loved ones. Magician Robert Tudor is one of the most famous and successful magicians in Romania. He is a presenter, with Mihai Bobonete, at the Romanian Voice of Protv, is a finalist at the show "The Romanians Have a Talent" competition. He has been practicing the magic for over 15 years with 4 national tours and two international tours: London-Copenhagen-Goteborg-Brussels, Chisinau, all SOLD OUT. With a unique presentation of the numbers, it makes them believe in magic and the most skeptical spectators: "Bebe Cotimanis, loves magic from today", were the words of the most skeptical juror of "The Romanians have talent" after the semi-final story. In over 4,000 shows throughout his career he has enjoyed hundreds of thousands of people gaining a huge experience.

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