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Job Searching – 5 Ways of Finding out More about the Company

If you can, try to find out more about the company, to help you tailor your CV to fit. There are lots of avenues for doing this, and if s worth putting some time in.

The following check-list from resume writing services gives some ways of finding out more about the company you might be sending your CV to:

– Companies will send you annual reports, prospectuses and customer information leaflets – but watch the delivery time if you’re up against a deadline. Documents like these can give valuable insights into what the company thinks and the way it works. You may even find from the documents that you have done work in a similar kind of area, and this can only help your cause and strengthen your CV. Staff magazines are also good because they give you a better idea of the company culture and the way it operates. In fact, some staff magazines tell you more than almost anything else, certainly about the atmosphere and what the place is like to work in.

– The public library keeps directories on business, cv writing service and the public sector. These are often split into areas of interest, for instance media, retail, finance and so on. In these directories you will find details of what the business is, where it operates, and its size. Ask the librarian and check the reference section. You can also visit specialist libraries like the City Business Library in London, which has lots more in-depth detail about companies.

– The media is a good source. Check all local press coverage and you may well find stories about local employers that can help you again to tailor your CV. On the other hand you may well find references to problems which may make you think twice. You may also find stories about recruitment drives and community involvement which could help you shape your CV.

– Every trade or profession produces specialist magazines aimed at people working in that trade or profession already. Again, the library can help here. These can make quite interesting reading and they can certainly give you a way of finding out more about a particular company, or at the very least about the sector.

– Don’t forget the informal network: friends, relatives, federal resume writing services and contacts through your leisure activities and hobbies can give you a great insight into local employers. Someone who already works there can give you a lot of low-down on the kind of place it is to work. These people can also help you to tailor your CV to the way they think will help get you that all-important interview.


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