IM Darrick Barner C.E.O Of Low Bottom Entertainment LLC Here's A Little Back Ground Of My Lable Low Bottom Entertainment LLC Started In 2015, The label Has established itself as one of the newest independent label out of Colton ca. low bottom Entertainment Llc. is here to make music for music lovers like, But Not Limited To... neo-soul, R &B, Hip-Hop, Gospel and much more. With Artist , D Dangerous who's Ep Is Out Now called Who Am I ...MCTK with her single Tattle tale featuring D Dangerous. song Also On The Album... Who Am I. Baby Girl's Single turn up also features D Dangerous, Also on the who am i Ep, You can Also get baby girl's new song called" king had a dream Not a Nightmare Also Available on all digital platforms. Low Bottom Entertainment Llc Roster Also Includes Newest Edition... Artist Jazzie D.. New single Coming Soon called Me And U Also . Mad or Naw King Had A Dream Not A Nightmare and Y'all Don't Want No Part Of This I Swear Are Produce By ,Low Bottom Producer Antwan Fields Also Be On The Look Out For The New Group Called WSJ (WILL SPOOK JAZZ) And , With A Wide Variety Of Talents, Artist And Versatility, Low Bottom Entertainment Llc. Not Only Has Some Of The Hottest New Artist, Producers And Team Work, To Display And Deliver ,Professional, Talented And Capable Artist To Entertain Captivate And Have The Longevity To Compete And Deliver Entertainment In Today's Industry With A Diverse And Consistent Repore , For Today's Industry And Beyond

  • Lives in San Bernardino, CA, USA
  • From San Bernardino, CA, USA
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