Known as Nimbel funk Born on 24 april 1986 Chennai,tamilnadu,india Started dancing at the age of 9 Specializes in hip-hop and funkstyle Nimbel funk is a indian professional dancer and choreographer. He began his dance training in his living room, watching michael jackson tour performances and music videos on TV. Nimbel funk began dancing professionally at 18 and from there the journey started . Nimbel funk has been involved internationally in the dance community -- whether it be teaching, creating, mentoring, or creating events to promote and support the arts. He has travelled most for the places around india and did workshops and helped develop dancers from the ground up, organising workshops especially in india. he has organised and got down some of the pioneers in street dance. Popin pete from ELECTRIC BOOGALOOS(USA) ,Brooklyn terry FROM ELITE FORCE CREW (USA),Mighty and Bigbear from(KOREA),Yoda jones from LADY BOOGALOOS(USA) Travel and personal connections with all the pioneers and international artist made along the way.Nimble funk was named by RUBENHALL THE FLATTOP(USA).

  • Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • From Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Male
  • 24/04/1987
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