1. What is talentsofworld.com?

www.talentsofworld.com is an online platform for talent across the planet. Here any talent can register and can showcase his/her skills. You can do many a things at talents of world. You can upload your profile, achievements,videos, photos, events etc. You can add good talents to your friend list You can comment on their profile and n number of things. You explore and enjoy! Best of luck!

2. Why should I register to www.talentofworld.com?

If you feel you have talent and world would appreciate it go ahead. It may open a new career for you. We have decided to explore best talents

3. How to Join?

If you don't have a Talentsofworld account, you can register for one in a few steps: 1. Go to www.talentsofworld.com 2. Click Register. you see the form, fill out your name, email, address, password, birth date, gender etc. 3. Or Sign Up with Facebook & Twitter.

4. I am not ready with my photos & Videos can I register?

Yes of course! We understand you, you can register with us and can edit your complete profile later by using your username and password.

5. Oops! I forgot my login details what to do?

No worry at all, click on forgot login and follow the steps. If you are not able to reset your login details. You can write to us on: [email protected]

6. Would talent of world start competition between talents?

Yes! We are planning for it. Just waiting for talents like you. Very soon we will organize competition on various level and categories.

7. Who will judge our talents?

You seem very excited. Great! May be you will be one of them to judge (no no we are not joking). We will select some of the judges from the real talents. Of course they should be talented enough to judge other talents. Along with it we would have some expert and well known talents to decide the winner. And how can we forget the best judge, PEOPLE like you and me. They will rate according to their choice. Now it looks very fair competition, yes even we want the same.

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