Band Members - Rickard Thelin - Guitar / Vocal | Jennifer Sikström - Bass / Vocal | Ryan O´Shea - Drums | Mikael Thelin - Guitar | Summoned Tide is an original, tight, melodic metal band from Robertsfors in northern Sweden with influences from Uriah Heep, Helloween, Iron Maiden and Queensryche. Rickard Thelin, the frontman of the band has been compared to the likes of Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate, Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske. They have earned themselves the reputations as being ”one of the hottest bands from the north”. The band has released two full length albums so far. ”If We Fall We Will Rise” and ”The Bringer of the Tide” features songs that play frequently on radio stations internationally. International festival appearances include, but are not limited to: ______Press contact Michael Norén, Manager +46 70 5144775 // SABATON OPEN AIR 2015 WACKEN OPEN AIR 2015 NORDIC ROCK 2012 (warm up for Hammerfall) SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2011 ROCK OUT WILD 2011 HOUSE OF METAL 2011 Jimi Toivanen - Synth

  • From Robertsfors, Sweden
  • Male
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