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Bolo ATK - (In Support Of Atlético de Kolkata)

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Hip Hop anthem in support of Atlético de Kolkata Performed and produced by Feyago Co produced by Ritwik Ghosh Aami je kotha ta tomako bolbo Shei kothata ta tumi ki bujhbe Footballer proti bhalobasha prochur Epare opare khujhle Paabe ek haathe bol, Mukhe jilipi Aar ek haathe leatherer suitcase Jodi itihaash poro bolkhelar Salt Laker naam shunbe Kaaj theke kete pora shokoleri kaaj Maathe khela dekhi cholo ek shaathe aaj Maramari jhograta bhule jao tumi Aaj Bangalir football, banglar raj Edike dekhi to dekhi meroon aar shobuj Odike dekhi to dekhi laal – laale holud Hand in hand coz that’s the way we play Cholo khelbo aamra bolo ATK A-T-K Jitbo aamra bolo ATK A-T-K Jitbo aamra bolo ATK Every day is a new day It's a new flag - it's a new wave It's the one on the top of the league And we never give up we just swing to the music We never forget where we came from We play and we listen to the same songs We wake all our friends then we go the field Then we play in the sun put the flame on In it for the team we don't play it for the win ATK Imma give you everything Imma make this vow - it's just you and me now Got the city on your side look at all of this crowd Every day I see a little kid on the street He just play in the heat - got no shoes on his feet Just a smile on his face that's the love for the game If you're with me today say ATK! A-T-K Jitbo aamra bolo ATK A-T-K Jitbo aamra bolo ATK

Last modified on Monday, 28 December 2020

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