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Vessbroz - Dreams (Ft Black GS & Vincent )

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Watch offcial music video here: We wrote and made a song about our life! And how in one night we decided to change our life because We understand THE SECRET and began to apply it to our life. Since that night miracle showed up in our life and everything started to change and still changing toward our dreams. Not only walking toward our dreams but also right now living in it. THE SECRET that has changed our life is simply to believing in ourselves and believing that humans with their mind power could do anything they want to, and they can be the GOD of their own lives! We hope this song could inspire people all around the world to believe in themselves, if we can they can do it as well for sure. Lyrics: Verse 1 I suddenly woke up at a twilight I had a mysterious dream once again Desire burned me like a phoenix as I walked into the yard under the rain. I obtained faith from that very moment And I got all of the courage to recreate my vale My thoughts have no limits now, my brain's power stronger now, so miraculous like the Holy Grail. Chorus 1 I’m living my dream now I’m living my dream now... A journey beyond ordinary life Glamorous secret, Glamorous secret. Glamorous secret. Break under lead Do you want it? Do you love it? Yes, I want it, yes I love it. Break lead Everyone told me my dreams are too difficult to achieve, you may never get it, until that day I thought so too. But since then, I chose to be a different person. I chose to choose my life, build my life, enjoy my life. You only live once so I will make the best out of it. My dreams are no longer a dream! They’re real like the sun, beautiful like the moon. Pumping in my veins, growing in my heart. My dreams are no longer a dream! Chorus 2 I’m living my dream now I’m living my dream now... A journey beyond ordinary life Glamorous secret, Glamorous secret. Glamorous secret. Climax 6 * Dreams Glamorous secret 6 * Dreams Follow Vessbroz: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Soundcloud: @vessbroz Mixcloud: | NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. WE DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS TRACK. Fair use is permitted by copyright that might otherwise be infringing. If you have any problem with copyright issues of this track, or questions please write to us in this email - and we will solve your problem immediately.

Last modified on Monday, 14 May 2018

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