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Talentonline.TV chooses videos of good artists and takes their videos on the channel and spread it to as many people as possible. Public watches that video. Artist gets work and Opportunity. There is also a link to the profile of the artist below the video, where people can contact and connect with the artist.

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TREY SONGZ - "Na na" by Fraules team (choreo by Fraules)

This Video Has 83,36,074 Views

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this choreo is special.That's my feeling of this song - the mood...and it's not just twerk... see more

Last modified on Tuesday, 17 December 2019

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GANG-BANG I Madonna I choreo by Barbara Le Bozec

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Barbara Le Bozec

Dancers : Delphine Lemaitre, Laura Fontaine, Laureen Parruitte, Barbara Le Bozec, Thibaud Fournel, H... see more

Last modified on Thursday, 28 November 2019

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