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SITA'S RANT - WAACKECAK - Princess Lockerooo & The Nusantara Waackers

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Princess Lockerooo

#SitasRant #BrokenHeartToArt Sita (also spelled Sîta, Seeta or Seetha [ˈsiː taː], is the central female character of the Hindu epic Ramayana! Sita is regarded as the epitome of womanhood, the ideal example of a woman. Her life was filled with trouble & turmoil yet, she stoically maintained her calm & dignity throughout. Her courage, chastity & adherence to Dharma (righteousness) finally made her emerge the ultimate winner. Through her life story, Sita showed how a strong woman should be and that she need never let go of her principles in life. The values that she adhered to have now translated into becoming the values of womanly virtue. Some believe that Devi Sita may have been named after a very ancient Vedic Goddess, who blesses the land with fertile soil and good crops and was associated with fertility. Devi Sita is also considered an avatar of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. Sita's mission on Earth in human form was to destroy the arrogant Ravana, the demon King of Lanka. Videography / Editing - Handreas Stefano Lyrics / Concept / Artistic Direction by Princess Lockerooo (Samara Cohen) FACEBOOK - TWITTER - INSTAGRAM - SOUNDCLOUD - Choreography by Princess Lockerooo & dancers DANCERS: Suzan Natanael Angeline Tidak Kawaii Cynthia Arnella Arief Danzel Marsono Herdi Mbuy Randi Yanto Sara Chrisenka Ixfan Halomoan Sihite MUSIC BeatHunterz - Gamelan Jawa Instrumental 2015

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