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Tanhayi - Parham Potki -

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Parham Potki

Stream or Download Tanhayi : Follow Parham Potki on : Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : Youtube : Official Website : Director : Parsivan Studio Cinematography : Benyamin Parsivan , Hamed Roshan , Sahar Parsivan Producer : Silvan Moghaddam Music Producer : Parham Potki Lyrics : Parham Potki Actor : Sanaz Akhoundzadeh Makeup Artist : Sanaz Akhoundzadeh. Parham Potki Released his new music video called " Tanhayi ". Parham composed and arranged the song This song is a love song about two lovers who are separated and the boy is eager for his love to return and asks him to come back, and the question he constantly asks the girl in the song is "How do you sleep at night?" And we also see in the video the song that reminds us of the past memories in a simultaneous way

Last modified on Saturday, 03 October 2020

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