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Brodha V, India’s finest rapper is back with a brand new freestyle as he pays homage to Mobb Deep. While on vacation in the US, Brodha V gave in to the overwhelming urge to address the issues he and other non-mainstream rappers face as he talks about how other popular rappers are out plagiarising his lyrics and style, while the mainstream music media turns a blind eye. Most blogs, be it consciously or otherwise, omit artists from South India and other smaller states in all their posts and lists, while their coverage is narrowed down just to the Hindi and Mumbai/Delhi scene, and the same artists are presented to the audience as the best of Indian rap. Artists like Brodha V and others from the Non-Hindi scene have garnered huge followings for themselves without the backing of such biased blogs and TV/Radio media. Brodha V is considered to be one of India’s best Rappers/Producers, known for his lyrical prowess and his unique blend of Hip Hop and Indian Classical Music. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the Indian Music and Movie Industry like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Yash Raj Films, Vishal and Shekhar, Anirudh Ravichander, etc. to name a few, apart from headlining some of the Biggest Music and College Festivals in the Country. Brodha V has also worked with some of the biggest brands in India on multiple occasions. LYRICS : Ayo Ayo, it’s Brodha V, 2054, Yup! Let’s go, Yo Cruising all the way to New York from Massachusetts/ I had to do this and talk with the batch of new kids/ Well, Props you got a few hits/ On YouTube, you got some clout and u act stupid?/ Go around yapping to the blogs and press/ That rap in English ain’t desi n I’m not the best/ About you opting to rap in a popular language/ And that I lack an audience, I’m not for the masses??/ Then why you plead for a feature tryna impress me/ You see me Painting pictures with lyrics like I’m Da Vinci/ Quotables that I provide in my ballads are plenty/ For your favourite rapper to casually spit it back in Hindi/ I never had radio and TV support/ Y’all have labels and stuff yet you’re feces, you’re broke/ I’m endorsing brands, yet you have the gall/ To live off your dads, act like you have it all?/ Please, you had no struggles, you got no scars/ Plus your raps are like Gujarat, they got no bars/ Y’all forget bout the South and the smaller states/ We’re never in your top 10s, can’t call you racists/ But the mainstream media did not debate/ Thuthukodi or Assam floods, are y’all just hating?/ Now, back to just rapping, no one better than me/ On the mic I go hard like an elephant’s sneeze/ Leave you black and blue like a smurf and his shadow/ Careers going home in a hearse from the gallows/ Impractical delusional artists/ Claiming that you the shit, then I’m after you like a faucet/ Why do you even want a problem, kid/ U quick to take off like the PM on a foreign trip/ Nan vaakyadhallirodhilla sullu/ (My statements contain no lies) Nanna padhagalalli iruva sathya chuchuva mullu/ (The truth in my words are prickly thorns) Aye, Nanna guriya melidhe nanna kai/ (My hand has a grip on my target) Nenne monne bandha makalra side-ige hogro nim ayy/ (Juveniles and newbies step aside) I wreck a vet to the bits/ The penmanship of a legend for which the requisite is eminent wit/ Let me preface it with unsettling levels of grit/ The illest set of vocals to ever layer a snare and a kick/ Dead or alive, nobody I’m comparable with/ Rapping this slick, is meant to make your mandibles slip/ Imagine a thrill, my life is only accolades filled/ Intangible skills, vernaculars could baffle your will/ Mangle you with the grammar like I’m Shashi Tharoor/ I bet you’ll never see me coming like an ugly masseuse/ Your girls slide into my contact list/ For the hammer in my pants that even Thor can’t lift/ Glow like a beaming Maserati with effervescent lights/ And she be screaming like your paati (grandma) on a turbulent flight/ See I go harder with the wood than even Lucifer’s axe/ I get more head than medieval executioners, facts/ You plan my fall, but I stand so tall/ That I gotta sit down and crouch to shake hands with God/ It’s only virtually that you be sending me threats/ Incapable pussies that couldn’t turn a lesbian wet/ Spot you like gynacs with binocs, miles from ahead/ Came to break my spirit, but broke your hymen instead/ Leave you cold in summers and watch your souls encompass/ The fear of a jolt, woken up from a broken slumber/ Looking at a rogue and plundering ghost that hovers/ While you be hiding like porno mags in Snowden’s bunker/ Aye, Brodha V, The Real Face of Indian Rap, Made it look way too easy, Nandri (Thank You)! Mixing and Mastering – Akash Shivakumar (Cadence Studios, Bangalore) Video Edited by Ashwin Prakash Follow on Facebook – Follow on Twitter – Follow on Instagram – For Inquiries contact – [email protected] || IMPORTANT FACTORS : No Copyright Infringement Intended.

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