Nimbel Funk in association with presents you "THATS WAY I LIKE IT" by KC AND SUNSHINE BAND , first song from our series of videos. Get ready to see some cool moves from Nimbel funk and dont forget to subscribe the channel for more videos. Choreography and Moves by Nimbel Funk. Direction supervisor and Producer : Sundeep Venkat Cinematographer: Niketh Bommi. Editor : Prasath.Ak. Design : Krishna Prashanth | Disclaimer : The content is for promotional purpose only & it's not for sales or profit making. This is only intended to showcase the creativity of the artist involved. The original copyright (S) is ( are ) solely owned by the music company ( s ) / original artist ( s ) / record label ( s ) / photographer ( s ) or any other companies which the artist has / have linked up with.

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