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My Demon: Ending Explained and Possibilities for Season 2 | – Times of India

Korean drama ‘My Demon’ rose high in the rating race upon its premiere in November 24. This Kim Yoo-jung and Song Kang starrer fantasy drama left hearts fluttering and eyes moist with its dramatic plot twists and mushy narrative. The drama concluded on January 20, leaving fans wanting for more! Here’s taking a look at the cryptic ending and the possibilities of ‘My Demon’ season 2.
‘My Demon’ ending explained: Happiness prevails as all wishes are granted!
Episodes 15 and 16 of ‘My Demon’ were packed with a fast-paced narrative featuring unexpected plot twists. Do Do-hee (Kim Yoo-jung) is dealing with the loss of Jeong Gu-won (Song Kang), who bravely choose to die, to bring back his love to life. While she is living a listless journey, Song Kang returns in the most dramatic manner! How?
Cha Chung-hwa, the harmless lady who is seemingly God, grants Do Do-hee’s desperate wish and brings back to life Jeong Gu-won. The lovers unite for an epic lifetime of joy. Jeong Gu-won also spills the beans on the deal he cracked with Do Do-hee’s desperate father, saving the life of his wife and daughter.
The next twist involves Noh Suk-min (Kim Tae-hoon) being caught in custody and going insane in prison. And one of the best bombshells was Ju Seok-hun (Lee Sang-yi) taking over the position of Mirae Group’s chairman. Looking dapper as ever, he has great support from Do Do-hee and we cannot stop swooning over his dapper Chaebol status.
Will there will ‘My Demon’ season 2?
While everything seems hunky-dory in the final episode of ‘My Demon’, there were a few loose ends left by the makers, in case they plan to explore a second season.
After the main antagonist Noh Seok-min (Kim Tae-hoon) is arrested, he is given a death sentence. However it seems like he is turning insane as the ghost of his mother Joo Cheon-sook (Kim Hae-sook) seems to haunt him. While he is being tormented, he is still alive and his character arc could be explored in a second season. Meanwhile, Do Do-hee and Jeong Gu-won’s cute little fights and chemistry also deserve some more spotlight, while how things work out for newly appointed Joo Seok-hoon will also be interesting to watch.
However, the makers have not yet confirmed or hinted a sequel to ‘My Demon’.

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