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Ju Ji Hoon Reacts to Racial Stereotypes | Interview | – Times of India

Actor Ju Ji Hoon recently delved into various facets of Korean media during an interview, shedding light on the global success of K-Pop, K-Dramas, and K-Films. However, it was a particular question about racial stereotypes that stole the spotlight, unveiling Ju Ji Hoon’s razor-sharp wit and unapologetic demeanor.
As reported by Koreaboo, in a candid exchange with German magazine Mr.ICON, Ju Ji Hoon was confronted with the question, “Does it hurt your feelings when you hear that all Asians look the same?” Rather than taking offense, the actor responded with a brilliant and humorous clapback that left the studio in laughter. “As we see it, all white people look the same. Only Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise look different to us”, he quipped.
Undeterred by the initial humor, Ju Ji Hoon continued to tackle other sensitive issues during the interview. Discussing the unprecedented success of ‘Squid Game’, the actor shared insights into the challenges faced by Korean productions when dealing with Western streaming platforms. He highlighted the need for a change in mindset, emphasizing that despite the proven success of Korean films, the production fees and proposals from streaming giants remained unchanged.
“Although OTT platforms exist, their structures need to change. Even though Korean films have proven themselves successful, their [streaming platforms] production fees and proposals have remained the same as before”, Ju Ji Hoon asserted.
The interview concluded on a thought-provoking note as Ju Ji Hoon questioned whether Asian stars receive the “appropriate” treatment following global success, using the massive triumph of ‘Squid Game’ as an example. He raised a pertinent query, “For example, ‘Squid Game’ saw massive success, but did you guys treat the director or the lead actor Lee Jung Jae appropriately?”

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