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BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s viral photo fuels speculation with cryptic phone case featuring ‘F.A.’ initials – Times of India

A recently deleted photo of BLACKPINK’s Lisa has sent the internet into a frenzy, as fans and netizens speculate about the possibility of a mysterious connection. The now-viral photo, initially uploaded by a YGX dancer and choreographer, featured Lisa alongside the dancers who accompanied her during the 2024 Gala Des Pièces Jaunes performance at Accor Arena in France.

What caught the attention of eagle-eyed observers was the phone case in Lisa’s hand, displaying the initials ‘F.A’.

This seemingly innocuous detail sparked widespread speculation, with some netizens theorizing that the initials could be linked to Frédéric Arnault, the CEO of LVMH Watches. Rumors have circulated about Lisa’s potential relationship with Arnault, and this latest revelation fueled the flames of speculation.
The phone case in question is a creation of the luxury leather accessories shop MAISON de SABRÉ, a brand frequently favored by BLACKPINK members. Notably, in August 2023, Arnault had shared an Instagram story featuring a MAISON de SABRÉ phone case, strategically placing an emoji over the potentially personalized area. This move only added fuel to the rumor mill.
As the online discussion intensified, netizens sought confirmation from MAISON de SABRÉ about the mysterious initials on Lisa’s phone case. The brand, known for its playful engagement with customers, confirmed the case as their product but added a twist to the narrative. In response to inquiries, MAISON de SABRÉ stated, “We don’t know, she purchased this case personally”, throwing a curveball into the ongoing speculation about Lisa’s personal life.

While some fans remain convinced that the initials suggest a connection to Frédéric Arnault, others argue that the photo’s lack of clarity makes it challenging to definitively identify the letters on the phone case. As the mystery continues to unfold, the blurred lines between personal and public life have once again captured the fascination of BLACKPINK enthusiasts around the globe.

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