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Jaya Bachchan’s hilarious marriage advice sparks excitement in ‘What The Hell, Navya’ season 2 promo – Times of India

The upcoming season of the popular podcast, ‘What The Hell, Navya,’ promises to be a delightful blend of family happenings and insightful discussions as Navya Naveli Nanda engages with her iconic grandmother, Jaya Bachchan, and mother, Shweta Bachchan.
The recently released promo showcases the trio – Jaya Bachchan, Shweta Bachchan, and Navya Naveli Nanda – engaging in light-hearted banter while addressing significant issues and sharing glimpses of their family stories.Jaya Bachchan steals the spotlight in the promo as she imparts wisdom about marriage, humorously advising Navya that romance tends to “go out the window” after tying the knot.Navya, displaying her witty side, teases her grandmother with the term ‘Jaya-ing,’ playfully acknowledging Jaya Bachchan’s role as the family’s knowledgeable matriarch.
Shweta Bachchan joins the banter, asserting that Navya lacks her sense of humor and playfully urging both women to allow her a chance to speak. The chemistry between the three generations of Bachchan women promises to be a highlight of the podcast, combining humor, wisdom, and familial love.
In addition to the Bachchan trio, Navya Naveli Nanda has hinted at a “special guest” for the upcoming season. Speculations arise about the possible participation of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, adding an extra layer of excitement to the anticipation surrounding the podcast.
Navya Naveli Nanda, in the promo’s description, shares her excitement, mentioning that Season 2 will offer an audio and video experience, covering topics ranging from love and women at work to wellness and men.

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