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Bhumi Pednekar on trolls: Even when I share pictures in fully covered attire, trolls manage to find something to criticise | – Times of India

In a throwback, Bhumi Pednekar shared her journey from body-shaming trolls to becoming thick-skinned in the face of criticism. The Badhaai Do star, known for her candidness, opened up about her experiences dealing with trolls during an interaction with News18. Bhumi emphasised that trolls always find reasons to target individuals, regardless of their actions.Even when she shares pictures in fully covered attire, trolls manage to find something to criticise.
Reflecting on the changing dynamics, Bhumi noted that criticism, which was once limited to family members, has now transcended boundaries. The actress revealed that she has developed resilience over time. Bhumi recalled being told since childhood that she would be more beautiful if she lost weight. She also labelled trolls as hypocrites, questioning their use of disrespectful language despite claiming to uphold cultural values.
Bhumi Pednekar shared an incident from her debut film, Dum Laga Ke Haisha, where she gained weight but continued wearing the same kind of clothes. This choice led to unkind comments, but Bhumi emphasised that it ultimately strengthened her resolve, making her impervious to such negativity.
Bhumi’s resilience and determination continue to shine as she embraces her journey in the industry, unaffected by the criticisms that once affected her.

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