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Acclaimed director Celine Song shares excitement for Oscar-nominated ‘Past Lives’ premiere in Korea – Times of India

Director Celine Song, a Korean-Canadian whose journey began in Canada at the age of 12, has carved her path from off-Broadway playwright to acclaimed film director with her latest project, ‘Past Lives’. The film has captured international acclaim, winning awards at prestigious film festivals and securing nominations for the coveted Oscars, an achievement that left Song deeply moved and surprised. Reflecting on this milestone, she expressed, “It’s an unbelievable honor”, with her family, including her father, director Song Neung Han, sharing in her pride.
As reported by Allkpop, acknowledging the global impact of Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’ in opening doors for foreign-language cinema, Song remarked, “Thanks to the success of ‘Parasite,’ everyone has become accustomed to subtitles”. She further stated, “Thanks to the path paved by K-drama and K-pop, including ‘Parasite,’ we achieved excellent results”.
‘Past Lives’ delves into the complexities of human relationships, drawing inspiration from Song’s encounter with a childhood friend in New York. She felt a palpable sense of history and storytelling between her American husband and Korean friend, whose communication was indirect yet profound. This experience, coupled with her friends’ shared sentiments of coexisting pasts, presents, and futures, served as the catalyst for ‘Past Lives’. Exploring the Korean concept of ‘in-yeon’, or fate, Song aims to convey this profound interconnectedness to global audiences.
In an era marked by growing interest in immigrant narratives and stories of outsiders, Song emphasizes the universality of feeling like an outsider at times. She underscores that, “life is about ordinary people experiencing extraordinary moments”. Filmed extensively in Seoul and New York, ‘Past Lives’ captures the essence of both cities through the lens of their inhabitants. Song prioritizes authenticity, opting to showcase lesser-known locales over tourist hotspots. She expresses gratitude to the domestic location team for their invaluable contributions to capturing the true spirit of each setting.
With its upcoming release in Korea on March 6, ‘Past Lives’ is set to captivate Korean audience with its exploration of human connections and the intertwining of past, present, and future.

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