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Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya reveal how they feel about KISSING scenes in ‘Dune: Part Two’ | – Times of India

Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya are getting real about all those intimate scenes in their upcoming sci-fi epic ‘Dune: Part Two‘. The leading pair, who play the roles of Paul Atreides and Chani in director Denis Villeneuve‘s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s futuristic epic, spilled the tea on what its like acting out the romantic scenes, especially because they are close friends off-camera.
In a candid interview with ET, Timothee and Zendaya opened up about the dynamics on-screen and off and how it helped set the tone for their characters. Despite their friendship spanning over five-years, both actors admitted that it was ‘weird’ kissing on-screen as they maintain a strictly platonic relationship off-screen.

Zendaya confessed, “It’s definitely strange. I think both of us are just like, ‘All right. This is our job. OK, we’re going to do this.'”

Chalamet echoed her sentiments, saying, “It’s weird as hell, ’cause we’re so close, platonically…”
Weighin in his thoughts about his character’s intimacy, he explained, “In the scope of the movie, it’s totally what is happening, but I also feel like we are so tight now that it really is just like another day at work.”

Zendaya is currently in a high-profile relationship with her ‘Spider-Man‘ co-star Tom Holland, while

Chalamet is currently dating businesswoman and reality TV star, Kylie Jenner.
Besides shooting intimate scenes, Zendaya also opened up about the ‘unspoken love language’ shared between Paul and Chani. She explained, “The glances between characters — there’s so much said just with looks. I think we’ve built a lot just within brief glances, with whatever they’re holding inside. It may be a brief moment between us, but so much can be said.”

After multiple delays owing to the Hollywood strikes, ‘Dune: Part Two’ finally hits theatres on March 1, 2024.

Dune: Part Two – Official Trailer

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