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Kiran Rao reveals why she and Aamir Khan kept son Azad Khan away from paparazzi; says ‘he should have privacy’ | – Times of India

Aamir Khan‘s younger son Azad Rao Khan remains out of the public eye, only appearing on special occasions. Kiran Rao, Azad’s mother and Aamir’s ex-wife, emphasized the importance of respecting children’s privacy as parents.
In an interview with Showsha, Kiran discussed the matter, noting that both she and Aamir aren’t frequently seen at social events. As a result, Azad can effectively avoid paparazzi attention.

Kiran emphasized the importance of children having their privacy, stating that Azad has never shown much interest in public events. She explained that both she and Aamir prefer a low-key lifestyle, avoiding glamorous parties and events, which reflects on Azad’s preferences. Kiran believes children should discover their own interests at their own pace.

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Despite being the son of actor Aamir and filmmaker Kiran, Azad’s interests differ. Kiran mentioned that he leans more towards animation than live storytelling, attributing this preference to his empathetic nature.

Initially, Azad was apprehensive about watching films due to their heightened emotions, as he is highly sensitive and empathetic. For instance, during a screening of Star Wars, he became distressed over the fate of the TIE Fighter pilot. Consequently, he found it challenging to watch live-action films but was more comfortable with animation. However, Kiran believes that as he grows older, he may be more open to watching a wider range of content. She also mentioned that Azad hasn’t yet seen her latest film, Laapata Ladies.

Co-produced by Aamir Khan’s production company and Kiran’s own venture, Kindling Productions, ‘Laapataa Ladies‘ is slated for release on March 1st. The film unfolds in rural India and centers on the tale of two young brides inadvertently swapped during a train journey.

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