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Jagjit Singh’s Daughter’s Suicide: Chitra Singh Reveals in Rare Interview | – Times of India

Jagjit Singh is considered a legend and his songs continue to remain like medicine sometimes to heartbroken souls. His voice never failed to stir the strings of the heart. But looks like, the singer had experienced a lot of pain even in his personal life. Mahesh Bhatt recently revealed that when Singh lost his son Vivek Singh to an accident in 1990, he had to bribe officials to get his mortal remains.
Here’s also recalling a rare interview of his Jagjit’s wife Chitra Singh where she spoke about how Jagjit was shattered after her daughter Monica committed suicide. Monica was Chitra’s daughter from her first husband. Jagjit had seen Monica when she was five years old, that’s when he had first met her and she was like a daughter to him. Hence, he was shattered on hearing the news of her suicide. Chitra had revealed that Jagjit was touring in America and he cancelled his shows, kept flying for two days via connecting flights and reached home. ‘He was distraught,’ said Chitra though he never expressed much. But his support was enough for Chitra.
The singer had revealed further that her daughter Monica was beautiful and strong and handled everything single handedly. Ultimately, she lost and couldn’t cope up anymore. Monica had failed marriages.
Talking about her bonding with Jagjit, Chitra had expressed that they called each other Mummy and Papa as their children called each other that. When their son Vivek was alive, Chitra would tell him, ‘Jaao papa ko bulaao’. That’s how Chitra also started calling Jagjit Papa, while Jagjit called her ‘Mummy’.
Jagjit passed away in 2012.

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