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Kareena Kapoor on Saif Ali Khan not watching her films | – Times of India

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan stand as the epitome of Bollywood’s power couple, celebrated for their remarkable careers. In a recent interview, the actress revealed that Saif Ali Khan does not watch most of her films.
In a recent interview with Film Companion, the royal couple was asked if they needed each other’s validation in their work. Reflecting on the matter, the ‘Devara’ actor mentioned that there exists a side to them where they simply aren’t focused on the other person’s acting career. This aspect, they admitted, is sometimes merely tolerated.
Additionally, they emphasised being more invested in activities outside of the entertainment industry, such as spending quality time with their children and pursuing various other interests.
Saif went on to say that for him and his film, it’s very important that Kareena sees it, and she likes it, and he has done well, and it puts a kind of strut in his walk, and he feels cool because it’s very important to him.
However, Kareena opines that she is okay with Saif not watching her films, and she has always told him to not come to watch the film or watch it if he wants to. In addition to this, Bebo also divulged that her husband hasn’t seen most of her films.
Saif Ali Khan humorously recalled Kareena telling him better to watch a film, and where’s the support? In response to this, Kareena said, “That’s when I just don’t want to go to that premiere alone, and I am like, just come please, but after a long time, I told you that I really want you to see Buckingham Murders, obviously because I am producing it, and he went to the Emmy Film Festival and whatever, so he does his bit when he has to.”

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