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Arbaaz Khan addresses 25-year age gap with wife Shura; says it isn’t the only deciding factor of a successful relationship | – Times of India

Arbaaz Khan, recently opened up about his relationship with Shura Khan, defending their decision to keep their love story private. He shared the journey of their romance, emphasizing the importance of maturity and commitment over age differences.
The couple’s love story began on the sets of Arbaaz’s production, ‘Patna Shukla,’ where Shura worked with lead star Raveena Tandon.Arbaaz recalled their initial encounters as casual and professional, evolving into a secret two-year-long courtship before their public announcement. Keeping their relationship under wraps allowed them the space to be sure about each other, a decision made jointly between the mature couple.
Arbaaz’s decision to maintain privacy extended to his family. He disclosed that initially, his family was unaware of the relationship, but upon realizing the depth of their commitment, they were supportive.

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Addressing the significant age gap, Arbaaz defended their union, stating that while Shura is younger, age alone isn’t the deciding factor in a relationship’s success. The couple spent quality time understanding each other’s aspirations and expectations for the future. Arbaaz emphasized that decisions of such magnitude were not rushed and were made with mutual understanding and commitment.
Despite facing online criticism for their age difference, Arbaaz and Shura remain unfazed, highlighting that love, respect, and dedication are the pillars of their relationship. Arbaaz dismissed the notion that age gaps hinder relationships, pointing out that marriages with substantial age differences often have higher success rates.

In conclusion, Arbaaz stressed that their compatibility in life goals and shared values were the driving forces behind their relationship. The couple’s commitment to putting effort into their partnership has solidified their bond, transcending societal perceptions and proving that love knows no age.

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