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Watch Song Kang Salute Ahead of Military Enlistment | Gangnam Event | – Times of India

Actor Song Kang, who is loved by many fans, made a special appearance at an event in Gangnam earlier this week. Dishing out style goals, the actor looked dapper in an all white suit.
During a photo call at the event, Song Kang spread his charm while post for the paparazzi. He held up a heart-shaped box of chocolates, spreading love ahead of Valentine’s Day.But the highlight of the event was when the ‘My Demon’ actor was requested to give a military salute for the cameras. Song Kang is preparing for his mandatory military enlistment and hence the paparazzi wanted a glimpse of the same.
Song Kang, who is known for his cheerful personality, let slip an adorable smile and was quick to fulfill the request. Since he was holding a chocolate box in his right hand, he raised his left hand to his forehead for the salute. The photographers quickly pointed out that a salute should be done with the right hand and realizing the error, Song Kang corrected it with a cute smile, making everyone laugh.

Despite the seriousness of the occasion, Song Kang’s adorable mishap added a light-hearted moment to the event, leaving fans with fond memories of their beloved actor.

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