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Throwback: When Anushka Sharma consoled a dejected Virat Kohli after heartbreaking loss to Australia in the World Cup finals last year | – Times of India

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are one of the most loved celeb couples. The duo have been each other’s biggest strengths, and have always had each other’s back, with Anushka often saying that they are the male and female versions of the same soul.

In the recent past, the couple has been in the news for Anushka’s alleged pregnancy, however there has been no official confirmation on the same.

South Africa cricketer AB de Villiers further fuelled rumours when he alleged on his YouTube channel that the couple is awaiting the arrival of their second child, a statement he later retracted.
Amidst all this, we take a look at the time when India suffered a gut wrenching loss to Australia in the ICC World Cup finals last year, missing their chance to clinch the title of the World Champions. The Indian team, that had a near perfect run at the World Cup, had won all matches leading upto the final, but fell short when it mattered the most.
An image clicked on ground, captured Anushka hugging her husband, consoling him for the massive loss. The image quickly went viral, and netizens could not help but admire the bond that these two share, and how they are each other’s biggest strength, through thick and thin. The image served as a reminder that no matter how tough the going gets, with the right partner by your side, you will sail through in life.

Is Anushka Sharma facing health issues? Viral post suggests so!

Coming back to the couple, earlier, a viral post emerged claiming that Anushka may not be pregnant, but states that she is facing health issues that prompted Virat to take a break from professional cricket to prioritize his family and seek medical assistance abroad.
The post, shared by Twitter user Abhishek Tripathi alleges, “Four things. A: What de Villiers said was right. Two: There are some problems due to which Virat decided to consult a doctor abroad and stay with the family. Third: He has decided to spend this time with his family after taking permission from BCCI. Fourth: We should wish them a happy future.”

The tweet has since garnered widespread attention, with discussions unfolding on platforms like Reddit. Concerned fans joined the virtual discussion on various platforms and offered their prayes and best wishes to the couple for a ‘speedy recovery’. A fan wrote, “I hope she makes a complete and successful recovery. Virat and Anushka are couple goals… I hope they go through this without any scratches.”
Another wrote, “May Almighty God bless the Kohli family.”
“Hope he is doing well health wise and so is his family including Anushka Sharma. Rest is irrelevant,” said another.
There were some fans who took to the comments section to plead with others to give the couple their privacy and respect their decision to keep certain matters private. “Whatever she’s facing – they deserve to have privacy and not be pressured to share anything with anyone,” a fan commented.
Another said in agreement, “Either pregnancy or health issues, they clearly are extremely uncomfortable divulging such info to the world & they’re completely within their rights to do so. They deserve all the privacy.”
It must be noted that the claims made in the viral post have not been confirmed by any members of the Kohli or Sharma family. The couple has also not officially issued any confirmation about their second pregnancy.
Virat and Anushka are parents to a 3-year-old daughter, Vamika Kohli.

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