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Javed Akhtar’s Intriguing Story of Crafting ‘Pal Pal Hai Bhaari’ for ‘Swades’ | – Times of India

Renowned lyricist Javed Akhtar recently took a trip down memory lane, revealing an intriguing behind-the-scenes story of crafting the soulful song ‘Pal Pal Hai Bhaari‘ for Ashutosh Gowariker‘s iconic film ‘Swades. Recalling the unexpected urgency, Akhtar shared how the director, Gowariker, sent him an SOS message, leading to a unique creative challenge.
During an interview with Harper Broadcast, Akhtar recounted the pivotal moment when Gowariker urgently summoned him to the sets in Maharashtra. With music composer AR Rahman set to travel abroad in just two days, Akhtar was tasked with writing the lyrics for the song overnight.

Javed Akhtar, Udit Narayan, Shaan, Suresh Wadkar come together at a musical event

The challenge heightened when Akhtar was provided with a brief about the song’s situation. Gowariker explained that the scene involved a Ramleela in the village, with Sita ji in Ashok Vatika, facing Raavan’s questioning. Shocked by the sensitive theme, Akhtar insisted on needing time and references from Ram Charitra Manas. However, Gowariker expressed unwavering faith in Akhtar’s capabilities and left him alone in a hotel room.
Despite the initial trepidation, Akhtar found inspiration in the early hours of the morning. He said he sat down to write and realized he finished the song in two hours. Akhtar to date doesn’t know he managed to make the song.

The song not only received acclaim but also earned a unique compliment from scholars well-versed in Ramcharitmanas. Akhtar, amazed by the unforeseen connection, confessed, his work was lauded by some scholars who read Ramcharitmanas and knew Sanskrit
This enchanting tale showcases the magic that unfolded behind the scenes, turning a daunting challenge into a timeless masterpiece that resonates with audiences even today.

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