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Deadpool and Wolverine new promo fuels rumours of Taylor Swift’s casting as Dazzler | – Times of India

Fans are buzzing with excitement as the upcoming ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Wolverine’ movie, set to hit screens on July 25, 2024, promises a wild ride. The latest teaser from Marvel’s official Facebook account has sparked speculation about a potential Taylor Swift cameo, adding an unexpected twist to the already anticipated buddy film.
‘Deadpool’ movies are known for their eccentric cameos, with the 2018 sequel featuring appearances by Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and even Ryan Reynolds shapeshifting into Juggernaut. The franchise’s penchant for surprise appearances has left fans eagerly anticipating who might show up next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Marvel’s recent Facebook post added fuel to the Taylor Swift cameo rumors. The post featured a picture of three friendship bracelets with the caption “Besties. July 25.” While two bracelets are clearly meant for Deadpool and Wolverine, the third, symbolizing the movie’s release date, sparked speculation among fans.

Eagle-eyed fans quickly drew connections between the Marvel teaser and Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour symbol. The bracelets exchanged by Swifties during her world tour share a striking resemblance to the ones depicted in the teaser. The symbolism takes on a deeper meaning, especially as Travis Kelce previously presented Swift with a similar bracelet during her ongoing tour.
Meanwhile, the friendship between Taylor Swift and Ryan Reynolds has been a source of joy for fans, marked by memorable pop culture moments. From Reynolds and Blake Lively‘s daughter opening Swift’s track ‘Gorgeous’ to accompanying the pop star to the Met Gala, their camaraderie has become a beloved aspect of Hollywood friendships.

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