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BTS’s Jin Accidentally Sends Birthday Wishes to J-Hope Under V’s Post | – Times of India

BTS's Jin Accidentally Sends Birthday Wishes to J-Hope Under V's Post | - Times of India

In a moment that had fans chuckling online, BTS member Jin found himself in a hilarious mishap when he accidentally extended birthday wishes to J-Hope under another member’s post. The blunder occurred on Weverse, where Jin mistakenly left a comment celebrating J-Hope’s birthday under a post by V.
Jin’s message, “Hobi, happy birthday~”, was spotted by amused netizens on February 18, nestled under V’s post from February 14 where he shared an update on his weight, “This is an interim report. I have now peaked at weighing 72.5 kg. I’ll be back again. Salute!” The thread quickly filled with lighthearted reactions, with many attributing the goof to Jin’s unique charm. In the comments section, netizens hilariously remarked that this is “understandable because it’s Jin”, and that “because it’s also Jin, this mistake looks even funnier and more adorable”. Reactions poured in, with comments like “Lol I’m crying”, “Yes, this is Seokjin”, and “Of course, this is Jin”, highlighting the fans’ amusement at Jin’s endearing blunder.
Some fans humorously suggested, “You should reply, V lol”, while others praised Jin’s thoughtfulness, saying, “How sweet that he’s thinking of Hobi, though” and “I love how Jin never forgets to leave his dongsaengs these messages on their birthdays…” The comments section was filled with adoring remarks, with one fan affectionately labeling Jin as “such a big cutie”.
Meanwhile, BTS members RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are currently on hiatus for military service, with plans to reunite for group activities in 2025 after completing their enlistments. Jin, who began his service as an army instructor, is set to conclude his duty this June, eagerly awaited by fans for his return to the group.

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